Business Planning and Consulting

With his initial training and long history as a litigator, Stephan has developed a perspective and understanding of how to help his corporate clients avoid litigation pitfalls. Many transactional attorneys avoid the courtroom and many litigators despise sitting at a desk. Stephan, however, enjoys both facets of the law and draws upon his experiences to advise his clients from a broader perspective.


A business owner's first goal in running or starting a business is generating positive cash flow and profit. Legal fees are annoying, but are often necessary. When helping his small business clients, Stephan focuses on both the big picture and the small details, while working with the client to do what makes the most economic sense at that time. In other words, Stephan strives to make sure the legal work fits the client's budget and transactional needs.

In addition to helping clients form new limited liability companies or corporations, Stephan has numerous health care clients who look to him for day to day guidance. Small business owners often deal with employment issues or employee problems. Stephan enjoys helping his clients through those difficult situations.

Additionally, Stephan has helped his clients apply for and receive trademark protection of their valuable logos and intellectual property.

Many small business owners will find themselves dealing with being sued or needing to collect on unpaid bills. Stephan's litigation experience allows him to advise his clients on the pros and cons of taking certain actions, including pursuing litigation. Stephan's litigation background allows him to offer guidance to his business clients to best minimize risk and exposure.