Since he graduated from law school, Stephan has been a litigator. His experiences include everything from personal injury cases to complex commercial litigation.


As a litigator, Stephan focuses on what matters to his client and how best to advance their case. Sometimes what matters is a quick resolution, while other times what matters is thorough litigation to remedy the issues at hand. In all cases, Stephan works hard to communicate with his clients every step of the way.

Stephan's particular litigation experience includes:

  • Commercial/Business Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Estate Disputes/Will Contests
  • Real Estate Litigation/Adverse Possession
  • Collections

More specifically, his business litigation experience includes representation of local, national and international companies. He has handled discovery issues ranging from the simple exchange of documents to the complex review of forensic data on destroyed hard drives. Stephan has litigated in multiple states and federal courts throughout the country. Over the years, he has developed relationships with attorneys practicing in multiple states; this affords him the ability to quickly help his clients identify the right out of state attorney should the need arise.

Personal injury cases have also been a staple of Stephan's litigation practice. When individuals are injured as a result of a car accident or the negligence of another, they are entitled to fair compensation. Stephan has handled numerous personal injury cases over the years representing both the injured party and the party being sued.

Estate disputes and will contests can tear a family apart. Families can spend countless hours arguing over their deceased loved one's assets. He has successfully resolved numerous estate disputes and will contests over the years including complicated cases involving multi-state legal issues.

Stephan is also well versed in real estate litigation, having litigated and resolved adverse possession cases, oil and gas disputes, and other issues pertaining to real estate.

In addition, Stephan has done collection work for his corporate clients. He is familiar with enrolling foreign judgments in Tennessee and has helped his out of state clients get paid on their judgments.